What's your gender, Princess? | Chapter 18

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When she said this, I felt something in my heart, at the same time I heard a slight sound, a shadow quickly swept through Chang He and went behind the screen.

It was Wu Min jun.

He was probably feeling bored then went to find me and when he saw Chang He present, he simply hid and watched the show.

Why these scenario somewhat familiar?

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I remembered that he told me that he had eavesdropped on the roof seven years ago. Hey, didn't that almost the same as now?

For seven years, this person has not grown even a little bit......

I pretended not to see him, and said to Chang He: "Of course there will not be."

Chang He stare blankly and rashly said: "But......You (polite) are Xi Huang, having three thousand beauties in the hou gong is only normal......"

I interrupted her: "You haven't heard of ‘looking back…

What's Your Gender Princess? | Chapter 17

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When I and Wu Min jun left the alley, we made sure that no one followed us, after we felt assured we walked on another street from other side of the alley. When we got out, we heard the sound of applause.

I and Wu Min jun looked at each other and went to the place where the crowd gathering. After pushing away the people at front, I walked into the inner circle and saw a little girl who seemed to b…

What's Your Gender Princess? | Chapter 16

Btw, I made some changed on the country name, and decided to use the original name of the country instead of the translated ones, such as East Yuan to Dongyuan, West Yang to Xiyang, North Chang to Beichang.
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The matter about Yuan Yu was just a small brief interlude that people didn't thought much about it. After a while, I and Wu Min jun already tossed it to the back of our head and began to discussed the real major problem.

What was the real major problem?

Obviously on how we exchanged and returned back to our body.

Now that Dongyuan and Xiyang had already formed alliances, they would hold the ceremonies tomorrow. The taxes for this year and next year would be paid by the Financial Ministry as well the addition of some cloth, cattle and sheep, were even confirmed.

The next step was to send the soldiers back to Xiyang.

We were expected to stayed in Dongyuan for five days. Today was already the end of the day. Tomorrow we n…

Alluring Poisonous Consort | Chapter 4

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4. There is no free lunch in this world

Feng Wu, no, from now on she is Feng DuWu!

Feng DuWu woke up amid the severe pain and found herself lying on the couch. This is the Feng Yang's of Feng family that she lived in for three years, the side branch of Wang DuFeng family.

"Xiaojie, you finally wake up!" The red-clothed woman who was standing in the bedside was excited and relieved seeing Feng DuWu.

This gentle-looking woman was called Wu Rou and her brother Wu Gang was send away with her by …

What's Your Gender Princess? | Chapter 15

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I screamed and pushed the screen right away to moved forward, Wu Min jun also immediately reacted, widened his eyes and pushed Yuan Yu violently. But at this moment he was using my body which contrast with Yuan Yu's tall and valiant build, so naturally his (WM) pushed did not budge him (YY). I barely rushed to helped him, Wu Min jun already ferociously stretched his foot and kicked towards Yuan Yu's lower body.

Wu wa (whimpering sound)...... only saw brother Yuan Yu fly out like a kite broken off from its string. Moreover, the kite was embroidered with an alarmed owl......

(T/N: Its saying that Yuan Yu's face looked like an owl, since its too unexpected and hurts)

I stopped and saw Wu Min jun stand up and wiped his mouth vigorously while cursing: "Damn broken sleeve!" 

(Broken sleeve: Homosexual)

Oh, its clear Wu Min jun t…

What's your gender, Princess? | Chapter 14

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To me Yuan Yu was a senior brother, a friend, although our friendship was not too deep, but probably he also felt distressed for me to marry a tyrant, also his gazes are bit different than others, as to where was it different, I also could not explain it……
I and Wu Min jun stayed at Qin Palace. We were not in same room. After all we have not officially married yet, but our room were adjacent with each other. I used to live in Ji Pian Palace, but now that I’m staying here it feels there’s nothing different. Earlier, the two of us return to each of our room in Qin Palace, then I sneakily slip into his room. The two people sat in huge palace silently.
“I say, you should pay bit more attention later, show as much happiness appearance as possible, otherwise they all thought that you are awfully wronged.” I said to him after a long time.
Wu Min junshoot a faint glance at me: “…