What's Your Gender Princess? | Chapter 15

I laughed hard when translating this chapter, hope you also enjoyed this chapter!

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I screamed and pushed the screen right away to moved forward, Wu Min jun also immediately reacted, widened his eyes and pushed Yuan Yu violently. But at this moment he was using my body which contrast with Yuan Yu's tall and valiant build, so naturally his (WM) pushed did not budge him (YY). I barely rushed to helped him, Wu Min jun already ferociously stretched his foot and kicked towards Yuan Yu's lower body.

Wu wa (whimpering sound)...... only saw brother Yuan Yu fly out like a kite broken off from its string. Moreover, the kite was embroidered with an alarmed owl......

(T/N: Its saying that Yuan Yu's face looked like an owl, since its too unexpected and hurts)

I stopped and saw Wu Min jun stand up and wiped his mouth vigorously while cursing: "Damn broken sleeve!" 

(Broken sleeve: Homosexual)

Oh, its clear Wu Min jun too angry that he must be mentally confused. He was currently a real genuine woman. Yuan Yu kissing "her" was actually reasonable. And even if Wu Min jun was a man at the moment, Yuan Yu would feel that it hard himself to kissed him (WM) and that was reasonable. So, how could he cursed that other people was broken sleeve. Even if that person was broken sleeve...... it still not good to cursed damn broken sleeve at that person ah...... 

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

Yuan Yu was kicked and twitched on the floor. It took half a day for him to looked okay. When he looked up and saw me, he was trembling all over. It was estimated that his ribs would burst out...... He covered his wounds and slowly said: "Chang Yi, do you hate me this much......?"

I hates or not hates him, this discussion need to be put off till the later date, but Yuan Yu you...... must you lied on the ground, with hands covering your lower part and ask such a question with serious look? !

As to whether I hates or not hates him......

"Oh, tolerable..." I answered automatically, but Wu Min jun swiftly said with big voice: "That's right!"

"To be honest, I never liked you. Look at you......" Wu Min jun pulled up his sleeve and put his hands on his hips. He disdainfully prepared for correcting Yuan Yu that was threshing on the floor. I quickly pulled him so that he would not overdo it.

Yuan Yu listened to Wu Min jun words and his face was mournful. Hey, ** and to suffered heart attacked at the same time, he (WM) really was not easy.

I was afraid that he would court death so I moved forward two steps and helped him to get up in amiable manner: "You don't have to be like this, actually..."

Yuan Yu did not hesitated to pushed me away. The two stood up and looked like having war with their looks. However, their forehead were clearly engraved with four letters of “Strong will with physical disability”, it really made people touched to the point of crying.

(Strong will with physical disability: often used to praise the strong qualities of people with disabilities)

Wu Min jun still angry while hugging his arm and glaring at Yuan Yu, as if there was something fishy with Yuan Yu's movement, Wu Min jun would not hesitate to kill him.

Fortunately, Yuan Yu also probably not capable of doing anything fishy. He only looked at Wu Min jun with sorrowful eyes, then hobbling jumped out of the window.

I silently watched this scene then slowly said: "Wu Min jun, Yuan Yu he......"

I had not finished to explained yet, Wu Min jun already interrupted me with bad complexion: "You have a close friend here, why didn't you told me? I also need to be on guard just a moment ago. "

I wrinkled my nose: "I really didn't know what made Yuan Yu crazy. We had trained martial arts together before and I regarded him as senior brother."

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Wu Min jun pulled the corner of his mouth and looked contemptuously at me: "Yes, according to your brain, it should be hard for you to find him liking you."

I was shocked: "What did you say, Yuan Yu like me?!

Wu Min jun:  "......"

I:  "......"

I and Wu Min jun widened our small eyes for a long time before he twitched the corner of his mouth: "Why on earth would he kiss you if he doesn't like you? ! "

I swallowed: "He didn't do it to probe me?...... "

I thought Yuan Yu tried to found out anything fishy about me and Wu Min jun, therefore I thought this as a pretext to sound us out...... I couldn't thought of the inside story was this complicated.

Wu Min jun turned and rolled his eyes: “Is there any probing this way? Moreover, didn't his tones and gazes was already evidently clear.”

I still thought it was incredible, think about it, although I and Yuan Yu trained the martial arts together from childhood, but after all I am a Princess. There are not many conversations between the two of us and I'm had innate talent on martial arts. Most of the people who practiced martial arts with me were playing the role of sandbags. Yuan Yu was one of the sandbags.

Because he was the oldest and the strongest as a result he always challenged me. I also naturally not polite. I often beat him. I still remember that on the second day he and I finished the match, shifu[1] taught us to practice then in doubt I said: "What about Yuan Yu? Why did he not come?" Looking at the bloody nose and swollen face of Yuan Yu, I suspiciously said: "Who are you?"

I was too lazy to ponder over the past and disinclined to thought about it, but......to think that Yuan Yu liking me, it was rather too unreasonable.

Don't tell me this thick eyebrows and big eyes's Yuan Yu, rough fellow, actually liked to be abused?

I couldn't helped but imagined that he was secretly happy being punched and kicked. I couldn't helped but shuddered.

When I looked at Wu Min jun, he already sat down. At the moment, he was holding a bronze mirror that was on the side and looked at the mirror from left to the right, he finally said: "Growing up with this kind character. To actually think there are people who like it this way, ze[2]."

"......You properly explain what 'this kind', why is it 'this way'......" I felt the faintly throbbing veins on my forehead.

Wu Min jun smiled towards me: "Our hearts have tacit understanding, need not any words."

(need not any words: WM did not have to say anything since CY already understood)

Our heart have tacit understanding my ass......

I sighed and sat down next to Wu Min jun while supporting my chin: "But I still feel a little weird......Yuan Yu actually likes me? Hey, Yuan Yu actually likes me?"

"You don't have to think about it. Even if you want to be with him now, it's absolutely impossible." Wu Min jun said indifferently.

I naturally didn't even thought about the matter of being together with Yuan Yu. Don't say about being together, even now, my impression of Yuan Yu was simply a senior brother who used to be my sandbag and was now an Imperial guard nothing more.

The reason why I repeatedly said that because I was simply too surprised.

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

But since Wu Min jun to said it like this, I couldn't help but refuted: "It's not surely like that ah. Even if I'm 'Wu Min jun' now, I still can get male concubine."

Wu Min jun smile at me: "If you seriously like this, all the people in the world will know how Chang Yi gongzhu is, how faithful, unyielding, and how she refused to be share with other people except her husband."

"......Such as?"

"What can you do, you can't move your body even more you can't harm yourself, so you can only kill Yuan Yu." Wu Min jun said with as matter of course expression.


Yuan Yu was too innocent ah......

The mouth of green bamboo snake with needle wasp in its tail. Both of it sides were still non-toxic than Wu Min jun.

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1. Shifu : master; teacher
2. Ze     : click one's tongue


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