What's Your Gender Princess? | Chapter 16

Btw, I made some changed on the country name, and decided to use the original name of the country instead of the translated ones, such as East Yuan to Dongyuan, West Yang to Xiyang, North Chang to Beichang.

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The matter about Yuan Yu was just a small brief interlude that people didn't thought much about it. After a while, I and Wu Min jun already tossed it to the back of our head and began to discussed the real major problem.

What was the real major problem?

Obviously on how we exchanged and returned back to our body.

Now that Dongyuan and Xiyang had already formed alliances, they would hold the ceremonies tomorrow. The taxes for this year and next year would be paid by the Financial Ministry as well the addition of some cloth, cattle and sheep, were even confirmed.

The next step was to send the soldiers back to Xiyang.

We were expected to stayed in Dongyuan for five days. Today was already the end of the day. Tomorrow we need to managed the ceremony. The day after tomorrow, we would called the officers and soldiers back. There still the last two days for Wu Min jun and barely enough for me to stayed in Dongyuan. Afterwards, didn't know how much time for me able to return--after all, it was not easy to come back later.

In these two days, we also actively thought of ways to see if we could exchanged and returned back to our body.

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

In the future, if we really need to fight with Beichang country, it probably necessary for Wu Min jun to personally charged in. Although my martial arts wasn't weak, I had no experience after all and know almost nothing about the art of war.

If they really let me go into the battle, its estimated that everyone would be finished in a few moments......

(finished in a few moments: Died just when they reach the battlefield)

The ceremony was proceeded smoothly. On the third day, Wu Min jun helped me to write proper scripts and gathered many people on the platform of Dongyuan Country. Together with Wu Min jun (Chang Yi gongzhu), they expressed the resolution of the two countries to form an alliances. The matter was printed and distributed on hundreds of thousands of points also posted in the streets.

This way, almost everything considered to be handled. On the morning of the fourth day, I and Wu Min jun told the Empress Dowager that two of us were feeling unwell, so we slept in each of our rooms for a whole day and let them not to came to bothered us.

Although they showed that they agreed to Empress Dowager, their eyes expressing a complex looks. After all, for the both us to catch an illness......it always makes people's imagination to roam about it.

However, at the moment I already a broken pot. It doesn’t matter what they thought.

I and Wu Min jun dress up as commoners using civilian clothes that I had prepared from the start then made some modifications to my appearance so that I would not be recognized by the people with good eyesight. Then we took advantage of our top-notch qinggong[1] to bypass the Imperial guards and jumped out of the walls. I couldn't helped but thought of the scene when I went to assassinate Wu Min jun. I could only lament that our two guards being compared, ours (Dongyuan) security were not tight. 

In order to assassinate Wu Min jun, I came out of the Imperial Palace and passed through Yuncheng streets. At that time, Xiyang army already broke through Liucheng county[2] and the people within Yuncheng district[3] deeply felt the crisis. Many of royal families and lords took the lead to run away, portion of the commoners also took a part of it. Most of the market street were tightly closed, only the door that sell the food was slightly opened. I pretended to bought rice and asked for the price, unexpectedly it raised into gold price even the shop owner had a hard time explaining and said that Liucheng had already broke through and the food was almost run out.

At that time, the big Yuncheng district became desolation of desert as documented in the map of 《The Four Kingdoms》where neither it had rivers flowing through nor flowers plants were prospering. Only the devastated scene fills the eyes where people could not bear to looked at.

And now, half a month since I and Wu Min jun announced our marriage plan in the future, all the people that already fleeing returned, and the tightly closed shops opened one by one. The local peddlers had arranged their stalls randomly and sold all kinds of clothes. Everyone looks as usual and comfortable choosing the objects they need.

If people didn't know the facts, generally speaking they would probably thought that Yuncheng district always been this lively, as if that deciduous silent place half a month ago simply a great dream I had.

For a moment I felt all sorts of feeling well up in my hearts, didn't know if I should feel glad or sad.

Wu Min jun was standing idly beside me. He wore a white man style of chang pao[4], using a white jade hairpin he casually bind up his hair and crossed his hands in his sleeves, like a female ghost who accidentally went out during the day.

I didn’t paid attention to it at first but now I couldn’t help but said it to him: "You......how could you dress up like this?"

Wu Min jun looked at me inexplicably: "Why, didn't look good?"

I didn't had the time to speak, he continued to said: "Its not a matter of clothes."

(T/N: Meaning not the clothes at fault, but Chang Yi body herself, well.. Wu Min mocking her (¬‿¬))


In rage I reached out with my hand and poke her forehead——as of now, I become more and more accustomed using my own body where its unlikely for me giving injuries to this body apart from scars, but again it's enough to made Wu Min jun ache. 

The next moment as results, a pair of slender white hands holding my wrist and at the same time a clear and bright man's voice sounded on my ears: "How could you bully a weak woman in broad daylight like this?" 

Wu Min jun was weak woman...... 

I felt extremely angry, turning my head intend to argue with the other person, who knows when I turned my head, I became unable to said anything. 

The other person was a very handsome man with clear and smart appearance, rather a part of his hair was tied loosely using two black like ink ribbons behind his head with two smallblack hair hanging on each side of his ears. 

......This, This...... 

Wasn't this exactly the kind that I looked forward for a long time to appeared in the books, my white clothes gongzi?

I momentarily distracted and the other person probably thought that I was in the wrong and continued to said: "Gongzi, do you know that woman is resembling a jade, only by carefully holding her up in the palm, will let her talents shine brilliantly, thus we cannot use vulgar means."

(Carefully holding her up in the palm: taking care, doting, spoiling, and pampering that person)

"That's right, that's right!" I strongly agreed and repeatedly nodded. Even if I was a block of obstinate stone, I still hope that someone would hold me up carefully in their palm.

"Chi[5]." At the same time, Wu Min jun gave a disdainful laughter.

"......" The mood became a little awkward.

The man was not able to understand why I plainly agreed with him, while I still "bullying" Wu Min jun. Then doubtfully he let go of my hand and turned to Wu Min jun. He gently and courteously said: "This girl...... could it be that you not agree?"

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

"Yes ah, qie[6] just like to be beaten, kicked, abused by people, and it's better to used a whip! I'm uncomfortable when others pampering me——don't you think so, xianggong[7]?" Wu Min jun expressionlessly loudly talking non-stop facing the man while looking at me with touch of kindness.

I: "......"

White cloth man: "......"

"Waaaah!" I was totally blow up, Wu Min jun actually destroyed my reputation and integrity like this! Who likes to be abused and whipped——ah!

I couldn't controlled my self and repeatedly punched and kicked Wu Min jun, yet Wu Min jun opened his arms: "Xianggong, sure enough you loves qie dearly!"

"......" All the people in the entire street had gathered around us and revealed unbelieveable expression in their eyes while looking at Wu Min jun.


......Ha ha.


As expected that white clothes man's face became exactly the same as his clothes. I awkwardly pulled his sleeves and said: "This gongzi, my family lady just a little irritated, usually she is not like this......I don't know what is gongzi's distinguished name?"

The white clothes man gave a forced smile: "Oh......it is like this. My name is Tian Wei."

"Tian Wei?" This name was a little strange, but I still tried to wrote it on those books. Laughing I said: "Good name, good name......"

I continued to asked: "I wonder where gongzi comes from?"

Tian Wei looked at me strangely: "Gongzi, you ask so much......What do want?"

I embarassingly said: "Nothing, just feel that Tian gongzi we have affinity."

Tian Wei: "......"

"Hai (hey), I suddenly remembered that there was something urgent in my family, I will go first......"

Tian Wei somehow turned and left. My strong big hand actually pulled his sleeve and unexpectedly teared off a big peace of his sleeve.

Wu Min jun had been quiet next to him, this moment he finally couldn't help but laughed heartily: "Ha ha ha ha, genuinely 'broken sleeve' a ha ha ha..."

(Broken sleeve: Homosexual)

I supposed that he still irritated by Yuan Yu and hasn't recovered yet. I planned not to care about him, who knows that Tian Wei would looked at me with complicated expressions and quickly left.

I: "......"

Tian Wei he...... did you also thought this way?......

I turned around and grabbed Wu Min jun's ears who was still laughing then dragged him to the small alley, both mentally and physically exhausted: "Wu Min jun, in the end, what did you just now? Both of our reputations was ruined!”

On the other hand, Wu Min jun combed the hair that had just been messed up and comfortably said: "Nothing ah, that person just now is from Beichang country. I supposed that he know that I am you**."

**Tian Wei knows that Chang Yi 'Wu Min' is Chang Yi gongzhu 

If there was someone else that eavesdropping, they would bound to be confused by this three words of "I am you". However, I know that Wu Min jun means to said that Tian Wei recognizes that she was Chang Yi gongzhu.

"How do you know that Tian Wei is from Beichang country?" I looked a little skeptical at Wu Min jun. After all, my impression was that white clothes gongzi looked like the kind of person that I most admired.

Wu Min jun indifferently said: "The way (dialect) he talked was exactly the same as what Beichang guo jun[8]’s said to my fuhuang[9] seven years ago. That day, he took away a fei pin[10]. At that time, only me, my fuhuang, and that fei pin on the scene. "

Wu Min jun continued to analyzed:" Tian Wei, well, this pseudonym also the highest mistake. Beichang country surnamed is Wu, three of their princes name is Ming Yong, Wu Yong and exactly that Tian Wei."

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

Finally, he shouted: "If you inherit your father, you need to know on how to improve it."

For a moment I somewhat admired him, but then I doubted: "Since Beichang country's guo jun awares you're there, how could he be this stupid to make his son......eh, as the next person to said the same thing? Since he knows you are me, he should know that I am you."

Wu Min jun indifferently said: "Oh, at that time I was hiding on top of the beam and preparing to poison Beichang country's guo jun's glass."

I crumbled: "How old were you then ah?! To do this kind of thing? Your fuhuang must been very embarrassed because of you!"

Wu Min jun felt a little embarassed: "I did it secretly."


I finally figured it out.  It's presumably that Beichang's guojun wanted to attracted me by relying on this trick? Then, does it mean that wanted to kill Wu Min jun? It seems that Beichang country does have unreasonable thoughts on Xiyang country.

As a result, I could not help but felt a bit of pity. If I had known earlier I would secretly gave signal to that Beichang people, so we could discuss together on how to Wu Min jun......

    [A few days later, at Beichang country]

"Fuhuang......er chen[11] is incompetent." A white figure hovering on the icy white jade floor, standing beside the table, stood tall Beichang couontry's guo jun.

The guo jun's angrily waving his sleeves, the brush pot, paperweights one after another fall to the ground and erupted burst of noises!

"Incompetent? It's more than incompetence! With great difficulty zhen[12] let people asked around to find out what kind of man that Chang Yi gongzhu likes the most, yet you can't even do this trivial matter?!"

"No......Fuhuang......Chang Yi gongzhu......was very strange......" The white figure explained.

"If you have something to say just immediately say it! What strange!" Guo jun impatiently said.

"She......she seems to likes to be abused, whipped......and, Wu Min jun that beside her seems to likes a man...”



"Okay!" Guo jun raised his hand and shut him up.

Afterwards, there was a long silence. This guo jun seemed to ponder over it.

A moment later, he replied: "In that case, from today, you will go and - practice - whip - method - for me!"

Then he grimly said: "If you do not practice well, just go woo Wu Min jun."

"......Wu wu wu wu, er chen certainly will work hard to practice the whiplash......!"

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1. Qinggong : Martial art technique for making body extremely light in weight
2. Liucheng   : Liucheng county in Liuzhou, Guangxi
3. Yuncheng  : Yuncheng district of Yunfu city, Guangdong
4. Changpao : Traditional Chinese men's robe; gown; robe
5. Chi            : Sneer laugh
6. Qie            : Concubine or your servant (deprecatory self-reference for women)
7. Xianggong: Husband; lord; master
8. Guo jun     : Monarch
9. Fuhuang    : Imperial father
10. Fei pin     : Imperial concubine
11. Er chen    : This son; used by male sovereign when speaking to empress mother, queen mother,
                          empress dowager, queen dowager, or the like
12. Zhen         : I or me, used by the ancient emperor


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