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To me Yuan Yu was a senior brother, a friend, although our friendship was not too deep, but probably he also felt distressed for me to marry a tyrant, also his gazes are bit different than others, as to where was it different, I also could not explain it……

I and Wu Min jun stayed at Qin Palace. We were not in same room. After all we have not officially married yet, but our room were adjacent with each other. I used to live in Ji Pian Palace, but now that I’m staying here it feels there’s nothing different. Earlier, the two of us return to each of our room in Qin Palace, then I sneakily slip into his room. The two people sat in huge palace silently.

“I say, you should pay bit more attention later, show as much happiness appearance as possible, otherwise they all thought that you are awfully wronged.” I said to him after a long time.

Wu Min jun shoot a faint glance at me: “You must marry me, don’t tell me that you are not feeling wronged?”

“Uh” I froze for a moment and didn’t know how to answer.

I was also a girl who had fantasized about what kind of person my future husband like, he maybe the newly titled zhuangyuan[1] and we both fell in love at first sight at Qiong Lin banquet[2]; or perhaps he a wulin xiashi[3],  he came to my aid when I first struck out on my own which causing deep feeling to developed between us; or he maybe the great Jiang Yang[4] thief that boldly went to steal from the imperial palace but accidentally he entered my Qin Palace, then two us became quarrelsome but loving couple (frenemies)……

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Oh, by the way, the man that I like are the kind of gongzi[5] with clear (honest), handsome face, gentle expression, ink like hair as if a waterfall and wore white cloth.

However, this only a delusion, I know that the only possibility of unfavored Princess like me was to marry someone that appointed by Imperial Father. But unfortunately, I was born not with appearance that capable enough of causing the downfall of a city where I was send to the other country Emperor and everyone do not accept that. So, I may not be of much use to him (the Emperor) to marry for benefit. Imperial Father will use me to control the other influential clan of Dongyuan Country, such as the former Prince’s second son who had polio or gongzi of the Zhang clan that had pimple on his face because of smallpox, or……

“I’m not feeling wronged,” Finally I shook my head, “You look better than the people I might marry, you also a Prince of Xiyang Country, your status also higher than them. Your martial arts better than them, your literature talent better than them, everything is better than them…… To able to marry you, in fact it’s reasonable to say that I should still celebrating it.”

Wu Min jun watched me for a moment, finally laughed: “That’s true.”

It’s felt too refreshing to admit it.

I was too lazy to deal with him and was planning to continue talking about something else. Suddenly, the people at the door announced that the Empress Dowager were coming. I and Wu Min jun looking at each other and told him to remember his manner and on good behavior. Afterwards, I quickly hide behind red sandalwood screen, looking outside from the small slits.

Wu Min jun awkwardly greet Empress Dowager, and it make Empress Dowager believed that “Chang Yi gongzhu” was so reluctant to salute because she (Empress Dowager) sent her (Chang Yi gongzhu) to die, as a result sighed: “Chang Yi, I know that you hate me, but……”

Wu Min jun that usually appalling, rarely did salute, even more reluctant to listened to these embarrassing things. In my heart, I was little worried, but I saw him turn his eyes and said sincerely to Empress Dowager: “Empress Dowager, how can I hate you (polite)? If not for you (polite), how could I possibly met Wu Min jun, such an excellent and perfect man like this? If you (polite) didn’t send me to assassinate him, I am afraid he and I will miss each other, then at that time it will be too late for me to regrets……”

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Behind the screen I hold my chest and felt breathless……

Empress Dowager complexion became green, she did not understand was “Chang Yi gongzhu” telling the truth or lie, after a while she only said: “Then that’s good, that’s good…… You are not feeling wronged……”

Wu Min jun still smiling: “I’m not feeling wronged, not feeling wronged.”

The two people relatively became silent, Wu Min jun only giggled at Empress Dowager. Finally, Empress Dowager thought that “Chang Yi gongzhu” was crazy, soon departed with ashen face. I was relieved and prepared to come out, however at the same time a figure of someone broken through and set on the ground silently. It was an expert—I thought it was an assassin, my heart tightens. After I saw, it actually Yuan Yu.

Now that I have time to looked at him carefully. I haven't seen him for a while, he changed a lot. His gaze looked somewhat contemptuous, at this moment he narrowed his eyes and looked dangerous and had bit killing intent on it, with handsome features, although not as good as Wu Min jun, nevertheless its entirely distinct flavor. A close-fitting indigo blue Imperial Guard garment completely reveals his tall and very strong figure.

Seeing that person suddenly appeared with faint killing intent, yet still wearing the Imperial Guard attire, Wu Min jun was started and said: "You......"

I inwardly complained, I haven't told Wu Min jun who Yuan Yu was yet!

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However, I saw Yuan Yu face was green black and his expression looked treacherous: "Chang Yi......" 

Wu Min jun pulled the corner of his mouth: "En?" While his right hand on his waist where he put the dagger. It was the one I used to assassinate him, somehow he liked it and wanted it. I was too lazy to fight with him, gave it to him.

I desperately whispered to Wu Min jun: "He is not a bad person, not a bad person......"

But obviously Wu Min jun could not heard it.

At this moment, Yuan Yu who contained a bit of murderous aura, suddenly sat down imprudently and naturally set his legs on trays. He said to Wu Min jun: "Chang Yi, I was outside just moment ago. I heard everything that you talked with Empress Dowager." 

Wu Min jun sounded "Oh", he did not know why he (YY) looked at him (WM).
Yuan Yu closed his eyes: "Chang Yi, was everything that you said real? You like Wu Min jun...... and not for the country and not because you have no option to like him."

At the moment, the way Yuan Yu spoke was odd and different from before. I was completely at loss behind the screen. Suddenly I saw Wu Min jun took away the grip on his hand and showed evident smile: "Oh...... You talked about that one, ah." 

"En." Yuan Yu nodded nervously.

Wu Min jun cracked his countenance and said: "Of course its real! You also can see that Wu Min jun has great handsome appearance, distinguished bearing, also Xiyang country's Prince...... One might as well ask, who does he want? Hehe, no matter what you say, I really like him."

...... He really became more and more shameless!

I silently watched the two person, and looked that Yuan Yu's complexion becoming more and more odd. All of a sudden he finally said with pained tone: "Chang Yi, you obviously know what I think about you!"

To said, unexpectedly he (YY) throw himself and resolutely kissed "Chang Yi gongzhu"  which is Wu Min jun......

1. Zhuangyuan: The top scorer in the imperial examination
2. Wulin Ziashi: Martial practitioner
3. Qiong Lin   : Banquet held by the ancient Chinese Imperial Court for the new scholars that passed
                          the highest imperial civil service exam
4. Jiang Yang  : Thief or robber in rivers, lakes and seas (like pirate)
5. Gongzi       : Son of an official; son of nobility


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