What's your gender, Princess? | Chapter 13


This novels supposed to be translated Alyscu & Co with aneztata continuing it. 

Buuuuuut, looks like they're hands full with the novel that they focused on. Anyway, I already sent her a message.
Soooo, I got really curious with this series and try to read it by MTL-ing it. 
For it to became readable I edited it here and there and share it with you guys!
Btw, I'm the same as aneztata quite the very new newbie in the world of Chinese Translation, so please excuse my poor words and translation. 

Also it will somehow bit slow due to the fact that Chinese is not my mother language.

PS: Any correction, advice, grammar error or anything regarding to the story is welcome. I am trying to share you this wonderful story in its best form.
(btw, I'm just copy pasteing some of aneztata's words, since I felt the same way with her thought
Oh! I also combined the first part from aneztata translation of chapter 13)
Anyway, just enjoy it!

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I stood still on the ground, couldn’t clearly tell what kind of feeling I had in my heart, only said: “Wu Min jun, you people are really…”

How was it for real, but didn’t know how to say it.

He instructed me to summon Sheng An back, treated her properly, because I was the one who started the conversation: “Do you know, she is dressed just in plain clothes, her ear is only decorated with white colored flower bud….” He made me to change it into blossomed flower, and actually because of that, they got an answer from Sheng An, a terrible information.

Wu Min jun understood women than women herself. I really don’t understand how he was born with such exquisite intelligence and twisted mind.

Wu Min jun looked at me. “What?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing, only I feel Sheng An is really pitiful.”

“Just because people deceived her to think she can have you.” Wu Min jun’s lips twitched. “You still can say such nonsense.”

I let out a sigh. “Precisely because of that, that I think she was so pitiful. To be cheated like that was not an honorable things.”

“Hey, how did you know that Sheng An will tell you that?”

“It was obvious, since they wanted to assassinate me, it was impossible for them to do the impossible task only once. But i couldn’t predict the precise time, that’s why I coaxed the words out from Sheng An.” He said ligthly.

I shook my head: “Smart like a demon. Wu Min jun, I’m afraid that you will not life for long due to the jealousy from others because of your outstanding ability.”

With hidden understanding, Wu Min jun said: “Rest assured, as my empress, you must be buried with me.”

I glanced at him and said: “What are we going to do about this? Letting her go like that to Nan Wen country? What about the people in her clan?”

Wu Min jun said: “Kill them.”

I was perplexed: “Ah? Didn’t you said, as an emperor, you cannot let out image of a tyrant and arbitrarily kill people?”

Wu Min jun faintly smiled: “Who said that I am murderous? Sheng An gongzhu didn’t only tell us, also left the evidence.”

I hesitantly asked: “That three words?”

Wu Min jun smiled and nodded his head. He draw out that paper that had three words ‘Yuan Jun An’. “It was a well copy from Yi Wang Family. Irregardless of old and young, or their gender, they are all to be punished.”

“…..” I stared blankly at Wu Min jun for short awhile before shook my head. “I’m not making that kind of order.”

Wu Min jun coldly said: “What happened again?”

I said: “You just deceived Sheng An gongzhu, now as precaution you want to kill her whole family as precaution......”

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

“At the moment we need to make precaution first since it would be difficult to predict what will happened in the future. Chang Yi gongzhu, don't involve me with your pure heart sentiments.” Wu Min jun come closer to me, “From the beginning I always thought that sometimes you are quite stupid, but you should still be able to see the big picture. At this time, don't recklessly sympathize with others. Benevolence towards the enemy is equivalent to balancing one's life on a knife edge. You dare to gamble with your life but I’m not.”


I became inexplicably angry yet I could not refute it. It is difficult to express the sentiment of seeing one's own face mismatched with an indifferent and cruel expression.

Although I could not refuted him, I refused to speak and used my silence to protest—anyway at the moment I am the Emperor and he cannot do much.

Wu Min jun glared at me for a long time before sighing and said: “Fine, fine, you don’t want to kill then don’t kill...... I will write a secret letter to Xiu Yi wang’s household notifying that their plans are known to me, but I will not retaliate provided they behaveIf there is a next time, death will be unavoidable. Sheng An gongzhu remains unharmed, but sent to Northern Chang country. If they still want the wealth of Xiu Yi wang, then they should quickly follow her there.

I immediately agreed and felt sincerely happy with this change in Wu Min jun. Wu Min jun just coldly smile: “Its only because our bodies switched......

I inwardly shivered.


Within the imperial palace, the night passed peacefully. The next day, news arrived of the Xiu Yi wang household demotion and voluntary relocation to Northern Chang country. I let out a sigh of relief while Wu Min Jun looked extremely unhappy.
 Just that, he show his unhappiness when he together with me.

After seven days of mourning period, I and he rushed to East Yuan Country. During this time, I prepared a letter using my identity as Chang Yi gongzhu. I briefly explained what occurred between us. What I wrote was totally different than what we explained to Grand Adviser.

I wrote that I went to assassinate him, both of us four pair of eyes fighting each other in the obscure of candle light, he had jade like face and I’m captivated for it. The two person was unmarried and suddenly fell in love with each other at this historic moment. He threw aside his sword and waited for death, but I could not strike him. In the tranquility of night, we refused to move. Finally, he decided he would rather have the beauty than the country. I set aside the enmity between our families and our states. We planned to live in seclusion, but happened to encounter the affairs of Northern Chang country. Thus, we decided to be together in an open and honorable manner. Henceforth we married, and treated one another with respect and courtesy due between husband and wife.

At the end of letter, I added: Although Chang Yi’s disobeying her mission she also does not abandoned the mission.

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After reading the whole letter Wu Min jun laughed so hard until he could not get up from the bed. He also said that even if my country was vanquished in the future, I could still make a living by writing a fiction book. Then he used a vermilion colored brush to circled the phrases “beauty that captivating even the birds and beasts” and “beauty” in "desire the beauty, discard the country", that describe my beauty. I felt resentful about this. In the end I re-wrote the letter and sent it.

Although the people I send to deliver the letter practically did not have time to rest to send the letter, but still it was a long time. Anyway, I and Wu Min jun did not expecting any reply. I could imagine how Imperial Brother and Empress Dowager would react to the news. Well, I've decided not care about what they think.

East Yuan country and West Yang country are not far apart. However, I and Wu Min jun must travel in accordance with ritual. A enormous line of servants and betrothal gifts followed us. I sat in my sedan chair and occasionally looked back. I could only clearly see the people who were nearby. Further away, I could only see a massive amount of dust flying about.

Of course, along the way we encountered no shortage of assassination attempts. However, there were too many guards. Wu Min jun and I basically never saw the assassins because they died too quickly. All of the assassins were targeting Wu Min jun, this violent despot of a crown prince, who also happens to be me right now. I also wanted to give it a try (T/N: to kill the assassin I think), but unfortunately, there were no more opportunities. Really, what a pity.

I and Wu Min jun finally arrived at East Yuan country travel-worn, in the East Yuan country’s border, I saw many red gold patterns, palanquin, bolt of cloth, head ornament, everything one could desire. Unexpectedly Imperial Brother also there to received us personally. Originally, Wu Min  jun wanted to put on airs but later he recalled that currently he was using my body, thus without choice he resentfully get off the palanquin and joined the emperor and me as we pretending to have friendly conversation.

Afterwards, we entered the East Yuan Imperial Palace. I only went away for one month but now I’ve returned, it seemed like another lifetime ago.

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--Only, what was happened was real.

When the East Yuan country’s people saw me, they looked apprehensive and disgusted, on the contrary they extremely friendly to Wu Min jun. Still, they looked at him with a bit of sympathy as if to say “For the country, you had to marry to this scum. You've suffered”. This made me really wanted to go screamed to heaven and spit up blood.

Unfortunately, Wu Min jun did not aware what’s good and bad for him. He constantly complaining to me in private: “What’s the matter with these East Yuan country’s people? What’s with them looking at me with those expression?”

I’m too lazy to explained it to him……

The two of us went to the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace already arranged a banquet that only waiting for us to arrived there. I and Imperial brother sat together in the head seat. Wu Min jun sat on lower seat next to me and Empress Dowager sat on lower seat next to Imperial Brother. Wu Min jun  and Empress Dowager faced each other. Many high ranking officials sat further down the table. No one dared to make a sound, those cowards. Really, those cowards.

Everyone kept sneaking a peek at me, the tyrant. As soon as I caught them looking, they quickly bow their head looking submissive and focused on their food. I looked at Empress Dowager who watching Wu Min jun with complex look, there are some expression of pity that I never seen before and Wu Min jun totally ignoring it. He engrossed himself consumed a massive amount of rare delicacies from West Yang country. country looking like starving ghost reincarnation and made Chang Yi gongzhu lost some face……

(T/N: he made her lost face because he’s the one using her body)

Looking at her this way, Empress Dowager not only blame her but also sighed slightly and shook her head, as if saying “Poor child, she can only eat to vent her anger……” or also saying “Hey, is it possible that the West Yang country did not provided her food?”

I became silent for a long time and in the end consumed the the dishes to vent my anger……

The banquet lasted for a long time like this. During this time, we continuously talking with courtesy. Everyone’s attitude was excessively fawning that I cannot bear to see my own relatives’ shameful way like this, hence I said that I was tired and planning to go back.

Wu Min jun pouted his mouth said in small voice: “I haven’t eaten enough……”

In the recent days, there always a large amount of food for Wu Min jun. I felt that my body would be fat at this rate…… habitually I glared and scolded him: “Eat, what eat? Go back!”

As result, this natural scene was taken in the eyes of numerous officials. Each and every one of them all showed grieve and lament expression, probably thought that I always abused Chang Yi gongzhu……

I became speechless and said slowly: “Jiao'er, let’s go back first…… Aren't you tired?”

(T\N: Jiao'er is chang yi little name I think)

Wu Min jun that was right in the middle of drinking soup heard what I said immediately sprouts the soup back, extremely vulgar. Everyone complexion darkened. However, Wu Min jun wiped his mouth and calmly said: “Okay, let’s go back……”

He obviously trying to stifle his laughter and ended up making ambiguous sounds that resembled crying. Everyone that watching shocked, probably thought that we were putting on a play, and so Wu Min jun who currently Chang Yi gongzhuthe party that has actually been wronged is also about to start crying.

If you aren't already doing so, please read this at the original site, sulisha.blogspot.com.

I lowered my voice: “Get your butt out of here right now……

Afterwards the two of us finally return to our room that already been prepared. Only then did I remember—Just a moment ago there was someone that kept staring at me and Wu Min jun. That person used to be one of my former masters' disciples, that called Yuan Yu. He practiced martial arts together with me from childhood. He was an Imperial Guard now. His relationship with me was okay, so, it doesn’t matter that he watching attentively on Chang Yi gongzhu, but just moment ago for some unknown reason he continuously looking at me that currently in Wu Min jun body with murderous gaze……

Jun          : Monarch; Prince
Gongzhu : First rank princess
Wang       : First rank prince
'er            : Term of endearment for someone, like -kun or -chan in Japanese


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